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Let students play they wil become expert in maths

Four elementary students are playing basketball during the sports class in Guanghzou Wenchang elementary school, October 16th 2008. The ministry of education ordains that every elementary school and high school should provide at least one hour for student to take exercises. Photo by Lishan/STU-J

Today:- There is a logical relation between student’s games and studies. Active students are expert in games as well as study also especially maths. According to the reasearch ” those students are energetic in other activities, those are very intelligent in maths also. If you really want to make your child intelligent then let them play. Mostly students are not interested in maths but who loves other activities those make maths their favourite subject.
According to the researcher the mind improve due to the fitness that boost the maths skills. These kind of students get several achievemnts. Research shows that those students are active aerobically their first layer of brain’s nerves ’cerebrum’ (Grey Matter) are very thin. Thus, the main reason of improvement in maths.
Most famous researcher ’Laura Chedauk-Heman, Illinis University, America’ said the thinness of Grey Matter is indicate the improvement in brain. This means it prevent the waste things of brain. They did research on between 9 to 10 years old of 48 students on tredmill fitness machine, half of them are 70% active and rest 30%. Resesrchers read student’s mind through M.R.I., they found those 70% students are active ..their Grey Matter layer are very thin that is why they show interest in maths and other activities. This information also printed in “Plause one” newspaper.
By: Shahina Noor

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