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Lindsay Lohan going through treatment of chikungunya

icon cocktailLos Angeles. Hollywood  Actress Lindsay Lohan has taken to cryotherapy to ease the pain of the chikungunya virus. The 28-year-old actress – who contracted the rare disease from a mosquito bite in Bora Bora – recently shared pictures of herself coming out from a -230 Fahrenheit chamber after receiving treatment, reported HELLO! Magazine.  The “Freaky Friday” star said she turned to the therapy to help with the joint pain she has suffered in recent months. “I have started doing cryotherapy after I got the chikungunya virus. It is amazing. The virus I had attacks your joints and cryotherapy really helps,” she said. The “Mean Girls” actress has also found other benefits to the chilly treatments.

“It helps you sleep better and affects your functioning too. I like to be active all day, I love to cycle and walk.”
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