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Lines of affection tells you about affections and married life

Today:-The lines of affections or marriage, as they are commonly called, lie on the mount of Mercury, under the base of little finger and run from the percussion towards the inside of the palm.
From a very long time these lines have been used as an indication of marriage. But in actual these lines are lines of deep affections with a member of opposite gender.04
If the two lines run side by side of each other and are of the same depth, the person concern will have affection with two persons at the same time.05
If line of affection start with a fork, it shows that the affection of the unusual strength.
If the line of affection has a fork at the end, it shows affection will separate and become less strong. This has been used by the old palmist as an indication of separation or divorce.06
If a cross is on this line there will be a serious impediment to the affection.
If the line of affection be composed of islands, the person in question will feel enough affection for anyone to marry.
If branches drop from the line of affection, it indicates a married life full of disappointment
If branches rise from the life of affection, the person will benefit from his affection.

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By : Shailesh Srivastava

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