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Love Banana And Get Health And Wealth

Today:- Banana is always associated with God, used for Pooja offerings to God or you find dozens of bananas in a body builder kitchen, they use it to gain weight.
We often avoid bananas and relish Mangoes or Cherries, etc, but after surfing this post you might change your angle.
Here are some reasons why you should eat a Banana:-
Banana can combat depression because it has high amount of Tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin, which is related to our happy mood.
Due to the Banana richness in potassium, it can really be saviour for blood pressure patients. It also helps in heart attack and stroke.
Banana helps in constipation because it contains lots of fibers which is passing the stool.
Banana is natural antacid and provides immediate relief from heartburn and disease like GERD.
Banana is very useful in diabetes, helps in increasing White Blood Cell count because it is rich in vitamin B-6.
You can control mood swing problem with Banana as it produces blood sugar, which releases stress relieving hormones.
Banana is very rich in calcium too, which is important for bones health and density.
Banana is very useful in Anemia because it is rich in iron too.

Astrological angle to Banana

Banana is associated with Jupiter, the planet of luck and is one of the favorite foods of Lord Vishnu. People suffering from ill-fate, try Banana as it helps in improving luck according to Astrology.
Whether eating or offering Banana both are considered fruitful. Women marry to Banana to finish their Mangaldosh.
By: Abhilash Srivastav

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