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Love You India For Dr APJ Kalam

Today:- India! India! India you have given us so much that our arms are now full but you never stop. Yes, you have given us such a great man, our former president, Bharat Ratna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who dies monday on 27th july 2015,at the age 83 and was also famous as a missile man. India we would always salute you for such a precious gift.
Yes, it happens only in India. Such a common, poor man became a great scientist and possessed the top most position in our country. India, you lead the world and guide through all the options and opportunities for all.
India always has proved that brain and intelligence could be found in any part of a country, in any cast and in any religion. In a real democratic system anyone can touch any height, Sky is no limit here.
Active Till Last Breath
Many leaders say that they would serve the nation till their last breath but he did it in a literal way. when he died yesterday he was delivering a lecture at IIM (Indian Institute of Management), Shilong, he collapsed and was rushed to Bethany hospital where doctors could not save him.
Students In Grief
Dr Kalam, a former president was not only the name of the G.K topic to be remembered for students but a ray of intelligence, which automatically enters in our brain and heart. That is the reason students feel themselves connected with this powerful name and feeling sad after getting a holiday due to his demise.
….Connected To Root
Dr kalam was like a big tall tree which could be seen from any where but rooted firmly. He was connected and linked to his native place very well. He used to call his ancestral place regularly every evening but yesterday the phone didn’t ring.
We need many more Dr. Kalam ….Please India….
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