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Love Zumba and Be Slim

Hey Guys, are you fed up of being embarrassed by your obesity ? Not to worry , we have come up with something very different and interesting , its a dance form called Zumba.
Lets get to know Zumba better
Zumba is a dance workout that uses music and few dance steps to form almost like a party atmosphere. Its classes can contain everything from jazz ,Cha-cha-cha, hip-hop belly-dancing, salsa to pop, the most popular group fitness classes performed all over the world.
·Zumba helps in achieving weight loss. An aerobics dance which engages a lot of muscle groups and tone up your abs.
·It incorporates both slow and fast movements

You know , it’s real fun-
Work-out and real Chatting with friends at the same time. So, its fun, different , effective and enjoyable as well. Popular especially among youths though all age groups can do it. It has simple and hip-swivelling dance moves and hence very appealing and incredibly upbeat .So believe me if you do, you will have a blast. Zumba combines four or five steps in one song which repeats and make us forget that we r in a fitness class. You can just move the way you want, no tensions yaar…..
Its Latin music makes us feel happy and elated Once we get into the class, and music is turned on….Oh my God, its unbelievable, Zumba recharges our mind body and soul.
Can just we teens do Zumba ?
No my dear, even your mom can do it rather people of all ages, shapes, sizes and any fitness level can take up Zumba dance.
Do we really know how to it?

Starting with dynamic warm-up, some stretching and ending with a cool down. Zumba is unique in the way hand signals are used to give instructions. Zumba keeps motivation level high with a catchy soundtrack. Guys, i must say, full of fun and energy.

R you wondering what to wear ?
Wear comfortable and breathable clothing that gives you freedom of movement. A good pair of dance shoes or cross-trainers is all that is needed.
Now, hold on …….Calories burned during Zumba Session
Depending on intensity of workout individual’s fitness level and muscle composition, it burns somewhere from 300 to 600 calories. That’s a boon….WOW !
Now look at the—-Health benefits of Zumba
·Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels
·Increases blood circulation
·Prevents heart disease
·May reduce or prevent obesity
·Increases energy levels
·Relieves stress
·Promotes good balance
·Shapes the body
·Tones up the muscles
·Strengthens the bones.
·Keeps body immunity high
·Zumba lovers say it frees inhibitions, sharpens minds — and tighten abs.
Zumba is safe for all ages and fitness levels because the steps can be modified according to individual suitability . So hey you- my dear friends, join the Zumba class and have fun while getting a better fitness!! Once you learn it , can as well do it in your home atmosphere with family and friends.

By: Kavita Seth