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Magical Spell……………app removes embarrassing messages!!!

 ‘Serving a new dish in you platter of technology’

Have you ever sent a text message and instantly regretted it???????

Must have definitely faced an Opssssssss!!!Moment……….!!!

And just wish……………!!!!  If only there were a delete button for messages that have already been sent. Each of us must have suffered text regrets.

The app, RakEM, eliminates ‘text regret’ by allowing users to delete the unwanted sent message, removing it from both sender’s and receiver’s device. Very often it happens with us that we send some text in excitement or anger and later on realize that we shouldn’t have send.

Now!!! Take it easy………..folks!! Even such situation come, need not to worry any more. This app is a boon for all of us. Feels blessed to have it in our era. At least by this we can avoid fights and miss understandings within friends and loved one.

“RakEM ensures the utmost privacy for data as it is transferred from device-to-device directly, without the use of servers,” it is being developed in Washington. People are very excited for the launch of this app. It even assures that it would keep all our private messages safe and protected.

Raketu’s technology makes this possible.

The text messages can instantly be deleted or settings could be made in such a way that it automatically vanishes after a specific period of time.

We are too excited and eagerly waiting for this app. This year things are going on our favor. We can burst out on somebody we want and later delete the message from both devices. This will lighten our mood and on the other had the counterpart will also not react on it.

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