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Make winter clothes stylish at work

Today:- New Delhi, Dec – Who says the office look needs to be boring? One can jazz up the look with a modern classic blazer, a lace printed casual sweatshirt and a leather bag.

Ashish Gurnani, co-founder of online apparel brand Post Fold, shares a few tips to look chic at the workplace.

* A simple tuck-in at work and a tuck out of the shirt after work goes a long way. A timeless and classic cut blazer will instantly sharpen your look.

* A modern classic blazer with an elbow patch will give a sophisticated yet polished look. Wear it with a checkered skirt.

* Baseball jackets with contrasting colours on the collar and cuff are the jackets of the season.

* Lace printed casual sweatshirts are very much in. Don’t miss checking out its shoulder embellishments that makes it perfect for lounging or a casual evening.

* Finally, complete your look with a statement piece — whether it is a smart leather bag, a cool watch or an outstanding bracelet. Remember, it’s all in the details.

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