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Many BJP members are bachelors, did not realise it was wedding season: Baba Ramdev on demonetisation

Today:- Nov – The government’s demonetisation move has come as a hard blow to families organising weddings this season. Though the Finance Ministry has increased the withdrawal limit to Rs 2.5 lakh for such families, the agony seems far from over. In a humorous take on this, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said “many in the BJP are bachelors and that they did not realise it was wedding season, that was the mistake”. He said this to senior journalist Shekhar Gupta and the interview was aired on NDTV.
His response left the audience in splits. He further went on to say that if the move was planned a little later, it would not have hurt the families where weddings were planned and traders as much as it did now. “If they (the government) had done this around 15 days or one month later, then the weddings wouldn’t have been so badly affected,” he said.
Citing benefits of the government’s move, Baba Ramdev said that demonetisation has stopped the practice of dowry. “One good thing that has come out of all this…people cannot demand dowry,” the Yoga guru said.
The government’s decision to withdraw currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8. PM Modi said that the move was implemented to weed out black money from the country. Within first 10 days of its implementation, the demonetisation move has received backlash from various sections of society as many are forced to stand in long queues outside banks and ATMs to withdraw cash.
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