Today:- April – Actor Mohit Malik who is currently donning the role of Sikander Singh Gill in STAR Plus’ daily Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala presented the Nayi Soch Award to his new favourite Krunal Pandya at an IPL match.

A big supporter of the Mumbai Indians, Sikander watched the match live at the stadium along with his biggest fan and his family. Excited about their victory over RCB, Sikander became a fan of bowler Krunal after his spectacular performance. He said, “I am a huge supporter of Mumbai Indians and Rohit Sharma’s performance was breath-taking. But I was bowled over by Krunal. He is young, talented and I’m his fan now.”

He adds, “Spending the evening with my biggest fan was delightful but presenting the Nayi Soch Award to Krunal made my evening! Thank you STAR Plus.”

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