Nach Baliye Week 8 – An Episode high on Drama, Entertainment &...

Nach Baliye Week 8 – An Episode high on Drama, Entertainment & Yoga!


Today:- May – Yes you heard it correct. Dance Reality show, Nach Baliye Season 8 has been grabbing eye balls ever since it started. High on emotions earlier, this episode the show is set to be high on yoga, all thanks Baba Ramdev who paid a visit to the sets. Nach Baliye this weekend will be a wild card episode, with all the ex-contestants on the show putting their best foot forward.

Enthralling performances and an episode with Baba Ramdev, the evening was not less than a blockbuster. Baba Ramdev took to himself to introduce the judges – Terence Lewis, Sonakshi Sinha & Mohit Suri. Director Mohit Suri who was earlier hesitant to do Yoga, but gave up and did some Kapal-Bharti with Baba. While ace choreographer Terence Lewis excelled in some yoga poses, it was contestant and Baliye of Aashka Goradia who went onto do Handstand yoga poses with Baba.

Next up, Baba took it upon himself to teach stress management to all the Jodi’s on floor with some Asana’s and breathing exercises. Talking about benefits of Yoga in Life, all Jodi’s and judges were in awe of Baba’s presence on the show. Talking about the episode, it will be high on dance with the Top Jodi’s Divyanka – Vivek, Shoaib – Dipika & Sanam – Abigail taking home 30-on 30 marks. The wild card contestants too, shook up the Judges with their energetic performances. The Judges in the end were in a tough position on who to select as the two Jodi’s who will make a comeback as wild card on the show.

Let’s see, which two Jodi’s make it to TOP 6 of the show
By Teennews1 Network Team