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Nail art again back to school!

Today :- Jan – One way of getting them is to use a white base, and then create designs with highligYou can even get set for spring with this floral look.pedicure_nail_art_designs_16
WHAT IT IS: This nail trend involves using school stationery, most notably, highlighters.awesome-nail-art-nails-nail-art-23708308-600-450 HOW IT STARITED: There are a couple of ways to do this. One involves using white nail polish as a base, and then dotting on designs using highlighters in different colours, and finishing it off with a top coat. The other method involves applying a peel-on base coat, then a coat of glitter on top of that. Once that’s dry, draw over the glitter coat with a liquid highlighter – or several highlighters – to get a funky, neon effect. Then add a glossy top coat, and you’re done. nail-art-nails-nail-art-23707572-1024-768
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