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New Smart phones and Crazy Teens

Every day, a new model of Smartphone is being launched in the market and the teens’ eyes are set on them. With every upcoming model, there are new apps as well .Teens has gone crazy for new apps and new models of mobile. Hence, you always find these teens online searching for new and latest apps.

Online addiction

According to Pew research, about 92 % of teens are usually online through smart phone and 24 % among these are always online. They are mostly on Facebook .In a research done on about 1000 adolescents; it is found that Facebook leads among all social media discussed among the teens.

According to another survey, 71% of teens like Facebook while 52% like Snapchat. These days even Google Plus and Twitter is being liked by 33% teens. It is surprising to know that these teens hardly do any of their class work through FB, rest things on FB keep them occupied. Best pastime for the teens is group chat on Facebook. It is found in a study, that on an average, teens exchange around 30 messages daily.

Delhi Teens too addicted for mobile…

Be it convent, public school or international school, the teens studying here in Delhi behave in the same fashion as the survey report says. A Delhi public school girl says-“we mostly use Instagram in our group. We share many photos through this daily. Besides our personal pics, we also upload some weird pictures and some other which we clicked just like that while on road”. She further comments –“Don’t ask me, after that we start getting lots of comments on them which really makes us feel good.”

Be alert……it can affect your studies and health as well.

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