Whether it is a  new  phone or  an online abusive word teens become crazy  . Yes now teen,s new status symbol is,  new online  abusive word. They feel very proud of using new online  abusive words.

Those teens who use latest online abusive word among school friends they are considered most modern and trendy. Their status goes up when they use latest online abusive words.


Teens can go to any extent for fashion and  show off. They can make anything as a status symbol  whether it is torn jeans or abusive  words. When they sit  with two  or  three friends they never use these words .But, when they are just sitting in a  big group then   they show their  talent and knowledge of latest online abusive words . Those who use latest and many online abusive words  seek  the  attentions of everyone present in the group.


Teens use all tactics to become  HERO. They enjoy using abusive words in front of anyone regardless of the gender.  Their  friends support and encourage  them for using slangs  . In fact they use these words in a lyrical style ,they sing those words on any popular tune. Actually some abuse are used as pro verb and boys and girls sing together to make it popular. They learn those abusive words by heart and  feel proud about it .

No doubt teens are very creative and innovative .If they use their   creative skill  to learn their answers ,they  will never get bored with their lessons. Never the less, use of such words can and   will  never  be appreciated from any angle. 

By:-S.Noor (Reporter)Teennews1 Network Team.