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New way of getting lice……

Today:- Did you ever think that due to taking selfie you will get lice in your head? Selfie craze is spreading lice. Its not a joke.Yes, it is true due to selfie addiction teens are getting lice in their head.
Doctors got surprised when number of teen patients reached to see him with same complain.Parents also complained to doctor that their children never had lice before.
Selfies have sparked an explosion in the number of head lice cases among teenagers,US paediatricians have warned.selfie-bugs-620x349

There is growing trend of ‘social media lice’, where lice spread when teenagers cram their heads together to take a selfie they said.
Dr Sharon Rink said she has seen a surge of teenagers coming to see her for treatment something which was unheard ….
She said warning that girls are more likly to get the parasite than boys.So, she advised to teenagers take selfie but avoid to come in contact with other people’s head.
By: Tanya Kabeer-Reporter

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