No Fear Of Alzheimer

No Fear Of Alzheimer


Teens have become so innovative and matured that they can guide the world in any field .Have you ever thought a 15 year old boy can develop a test which detects Alzheimer 10 years before. Yes , a 15 year old Indian origin teen boy ,Krtin Nithiyanandam ,in the UK has developed a potential test for Alzheimer’s which could allow the disease to be diagnosed 10 years before the first symptom appear and even stop its progression .
It does not seem very far when a group of teen scientist s would be formed for their contribution to the world in every aspect of life.Kirtin Nithiyanadam ,of Epsome ,Surrey has developed a trojan horse anti body which can penetrate the brain and attach to neurotoxic proteins which are present in the very first stages of the disease .

Kirtin submitted his test to Google Science fair prize and made it to the final last week.

By: Teennews1 Network Team


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