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No Shortcut To Fame

Today:- Legendary flutist Hariprasad Chaurasia feels present generation of aspiring musicians should be well-versed with different genres of music.

“There is no shortcut to fame. There is no instant fame.

One should have ears for all genres of music, Indian and western, and one should acquire skills through hard work,” Pt Chaurasia said here last evening.

“And it has to be a lifelong process of listening and absorbing,” the Padma Vibhusan recipient said on the sidelines of a felicitation programme.

“Any aspiring present day musician should be equally adept with notes in rock, jazz, classical, semi-classical genres.”

The flutist, who came to the city to be felicitated at ‘Sahajparav’, a root festival aimed at commemorating folk music, said, “The journey of wind instrument – from basori to flute and then saxophone – has been fascinating.

“But there can be changes in the instruments while the roots, the basics will remain the same,” Chaurasia, one of the icons of Indian classical music, explained.

“I am all for recreating modern, contemporary flavoured music retaining our traditional sur and raagas,” Chaurasia said after the felicitation in which ‘baul queen’ Parbati Baul was present.

The root music festival was organised by popular singer Lopamudra Mitra, Bengali folk bank Dohar and a host of other musicians.

Chaurasia said he will be back next year at the festival.

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