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Kapil Sharma In Danger

Today:- Kapil Sharma of ‘Comedy Night With Kapil ‘ is in danger .How will he save himself from new kind of threat . He seeks help from people . Yes, due to his show he is facing this problem. People are talking about his low standard taste of comedy so, his credibility is in danger. Kapil is also taking help of double meaning and suggestive actions for his comedy show. Now Kapil Sharma is loosing his grip on his comedy show ‘Comedy night with Kapil’ .Ultimately he is also holding figure of loud vulgarity form of comedy to create laughter.
Comedy Circus was full of double meaning and suggestive actions and motives to giggle the audience so, it was difficult to watch with family . Kapil was also part of that show but when he started his own show, Comedy Night With Kapil ,it was like fresh breath of air but alas! It is now no less than Comedy Circus.
Clever Kapil has protected himself from aggressive actions and hot dialogues, he delivers his dialogues in a cool way. This style does not convey too much vulgarity .His style connects people as a witty, naughty and mischievous family member . But he has given all the responsibility to Dadi for loud mode.
The character of Dadi was somehow in control but now its becoming( new character as another Bua) just surpassed all limits. Last Sunday (19.07.2015) was the worst example. Kapil must do a survey that whether the Dadi or New Bua (Ali) ,character should be given so much stretch or time span. The same yoga act was repeated first with audience then with Stars like Salman Khan . I am sure it was not creating any hummer accept suggestive images so , sorry to say it was wastage of footage and others time.
May be busy Kapil has no time to view his show after editing . I am not questioning his talent ,of course he emerged as a new king of healthy and rich comedy and no doubt all old methods failed in front of him.
But now he is going to be the part of old system as all political parties do the same after announcing the different approach.

His cute sister in law (Sali) sometimes comes and makes healthy laughter.She must be called frequently. Old deprived Bua was tolerable but Dadi in Bua version is disaster to the show.

Stars are in danger zone

Stars come for promotion of their films but if they will participate with vulgar actions their credibility would be in danger They should keep control on themselves and avoid to participate in a suggestive kind of act . Their fans love them due their images. We must admire Siddhu ji , who never forgets in maintaining balance.
Dear Kapil run your show with good script and do your effort to make it more crispy ,light and family friendly.
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