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Now Eat More And More Chocolate……

Today:- Can’t resist having chocolate? Eat chocolate as much as you want to without any hesitation and worry. Yes, very soon a new type of chocolate is coming in the market which will benefit you instead of harming you and as yummy as your favorite one.

Chocolate lovers now no need to be in guilt for having chocolates because this chocolate is so healthy that it could be eaten as medicine . It has allegedly been invented by scientists of an American company.
Chocolate is considered bad for health due to its fat and sugar contents. So, scientists of an American company that specializes in Herbal Technologies have claimed to have developed ‘ medicinal’ chocolate which contains only 35% fat and sugar.

Everyone knows that Cocoa is the key ingredients to make chocolate but Cocoa tests very bitter so lots of sugar and fat is used to soften its tastes. Cocoa has a quality to protect nervous system , reducing Stroke Risk and lowering High Blood Pressure due its antioxidant and mineral values. But to sweeten the chocolate too much fat and sugar was used and it overriding the health benefits of Cocoa.

Now a firm of Boston has discovered another form of Cocoa, which is called Kuka Xoco, it has same health benefit as Cocoa but it is not as bitter as Cocoa. So, the scientists have claimed that only 35% sugar and fat is enough to make the chocolate sweet and tasty.

According to report of Daily Mail after eliminating the sugar, artificial sweeteners and fat from the chocolate , one can consume maximum benefits of Cocoa.

So, just wait for healthy chocolate and when it hits market eat as much as you like , after all it is the most acceptable and favorite sweet all over the world.

By: T.K.- Teennews1 Network Team

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