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Now Techno Watch Will Guide You….

Now techno watch will guide you….
Teenagers are expert in trying out new mobile phones with different and unique functions, trying different accessories as well. For such teens, the market is bringing a rare gift which will surely be liked by them….Yeah, your guess is right….It’s Apple watch. Till now, you were fond of i-pad and i-pod, but now the world’s well known company “Apple-Ink” is launching the most awaited Apple watch in the month of April. The USP of this watch is that it will tell us the value of time….it will remind you guys…Time to get up, Time to go to school, and time to just sit etc. Apple watch will also have many personalized apps. The watch is designed keeping in mind the users’ health as well.

Fitness Expert made this watch health friendly
Tim Cook, the Company’s CEO has a great craze for fitness himself and he was very closely associated in designing this watch. In Goldman Sachs Technology and internet conference held at San Francisco recently, he spoke that this watch has been designed for today’s youth , keeping in view about the health aspect as well. It has many benefits as well.
Continuous Sitting is a disease
Doctors believe that sitting continuously has become a new health disorder rather we can say a disease. This watch has been made considering the busy schedules of people. If you keep sitting for long hours, this watch will ask you to move a bit and walk…An apple watch will give a warning signal before one hour of continuous sitting is completed. You might take time to adjust according to this watch but believe me… my dear friends; this watch will do wonders to improve your health and fitness drastically.

By:S.Noor(Reporter)-Teennews1 Network Team

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