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One Billion People Used Fcebook In A Single Day

Today:- Facebook has broken its all record yet.Yes, 1 BILLION people used FB in a single day.The popularity of face book has crossed its hight.It is supposed that the population of world is around 7 BILLION and 1 billion people were using FB means 1 out of every 7 people on earth used Facebook on Monday. Now no doubt, FB has become most powerful social media tool.

Mark Zuckerberg,31 years old Co-founder,chair person and CEOof FB made this announcement that FB has made a history. He wrote,’we just passed an important milestone .’

He told its just beginning of connecting the whole world. He told a more open and connecting world is the better world, it brings stronger relationships withthose you love,a sronger economy with more opportunities and a stronger society that reflects all our values’ ,he said.
By: T.K.Teennews1 Network Team

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