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Only Pain Very Little Gain……..

Today:- Back bones and body postures of Indian teens are changing. The shape of their spinal bones are getting distorted. why they are in so much pain? When a teen complains about backache ,headache and shoulder pain ….the first reaction from elders come…at this age? But it is true that most of the teens are facing severe problems of back and spine pain nowadays. Why it is developing in Indian teens? Who is responsible for this….? …Their heavy school bags. According to a research report of Mumbai High court 60% students are facing bones and back problem just because of heavy school bag.

Yes, teen school bags are getting heavy when they move to next or high class. According to Mumbai High court report that school bag are the main reason for growing health problem in students. When they are in hurry they just hang their bags on one shoulder and it is more harmful. Between the age of 13 to 18 years old students have a backache.

This is scientifically proved that till 18 years old student’s bones and spine are not that much strong to hold heavy things. Due to hold heavy bag they feel headache, backache and shoulder pain. According to the report, parents complains that their student’s body posture is not straight. Survey advised parents, they make their student understand to hold bag on their both shoulders, on the other hand, school also should give fitness training to students. Parents should be focus on student’s meal and their bag should be set according to the daily routine so that students take less load.
By: Shahina Noor- Reporter, Translation Jasleen Kaur (Teennews1 Network Team)

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