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Pace of getting black money should be fastened: Ramdev

Today:- New Delhi, May – Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Monday expressed satisfaction at the work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his two years of power but felt that more could be done to speed up the efforts to bring back black money.

Participating in India TVs programme “Samvad”, the yoga guru also denied getting any favours from the Modi government.

“This government is on right path when it comes to intention, policies and leadership. Modi ji is focusing on long-term policies,” Ramdev said.

“I am happy that this government is at least not working for vote bank politics but for nation building,” he added.

On the subject of bringing back black money, he said: “The pace should be increased. However, there are three more years left for the government and we should wait.”

Ramdev claimed that he didn’t get any favour from the Modi government in the last two years and said that whatever he has earned, is due to his own efforts.

He said: “No corruption has taken place in the last two years. One crore people left gas subsidy on the call of the prime minister. These are the major achievements of Modi government in last years.”

Ramdev also cleared the air on his alleged rift with the prime minister.

“There was, there is and there never will be any rift between us. I want to see him as the most successful prime minister of the country,” he said.

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