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Pakistanis Demand For YouTube

Today:-It has been three years that Pakistan banned YouTube. YouTube was immediately banned in September 2012, when YouTube didn’t remove anti-Islam film made in the US, which mocks Mohammad.

Pakistan people seem furious for not uplifting the YouTube ban. Today an Editorial with a heading “YouTube pointless ban” was published in Pakistan daily Dawn, which shows that people have moved on and are ready to welcome YouTube.

Daily said “Back then, it was promised that some way of filtering content, or getting YouTube’s parent company, Google, to do this, would be found,” it said.

“Since then, though, the matter has been reduced to the level of farce. Various government functionaries have promised solutions, but nothing has happened. The superior courts have used their time to puzzle over the problem, all to naught.”

The National assembly unanimously adopted a resolution to lift the YouTube ban last year and just two days back, The Senate standing Committee on Information Technology also paved the way to unblock YouTube.

The editorial pointed the question “”Will this be enough to see the ban lifted? Citizens are justifiably wondering what it will take, or at what level a consensus could be reached, to reverse one of the most ridiculous bans slapped by the state,” 

YouTube will make a comeback in Pakistan, only time will tell, but freedom of YouTube will be scrutinized that is for sure.

By:Abhilash Srivastava

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