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Parents………never happy with our outfits……………

topic 2 shoppingThese days, teenagers have become so choosy regarding their dresses that parents find hard to fulfil their demands. It has become a big matter of stress both for parents and children. Children are not about to figure out what they should wear as per the occasion. Options are plenty but when it comes to choosing they just can’t decide. Is the color cool????  Is the dress cool???? Is the design new or old???? Is the fashion still there???? So many questions run through their mind.

                                                       They keep thinking for long and remain sad if not satisfied by what they have chosen. If at all they buy a good a dress now the matter of confusion is that if this particular piece would go right with the bottom wear or not, for them buying and selecting a dress is a tough task. Teenagers these days follow a different style statement and that makes things worse to decide. Around 8-9 years back fashion was a down statement. People preferred to be seen in more comfortable dresses for the season than wearing something for making fashion statement.

                              It feels like we totally belong to some other generation, when we see so drastic change in just 2-3 years. When somebody else chooses a dress for us we somehow ‘try’ to like then but cannot like then whole heartedly.

                               Our taste of clothes grows gradually with the age. When children were small they use to wear whatever their parents got for them but gradually when they grow up they prefer choosing the dresses on their own. So, given all those proof, it certainly a difficult job to choose dresses for teen agers.

By now parents should also make their mind not to poke their children in matter of choosing what they actually should wear.

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