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Patanjali has 4500 distributors

Today:-Oct – Speaking to a media house Baba Ramdev told that ‘We have just launched four verticals in the market for which there are around 4500 distributors and an entire supply chain has been set up’. There are various production units and R&D facilities where we’ve employed 200 scientists. We’ve already invested Rs250 crore and we’ll be putting in another Rs 500 crore into research. People say Babaji Still sleeps on the floor but he has employed scientists at salaries or Rs 50 lakh to a crore per year. We’ve launched for verticals –foods, beverages, WE also see a lot of room for improvement in the dairy sector so now we’ll work towards that. We have no problem with Amul or any other domestic organization, but who is Nestle to sell milk in our country considering the farms, farmer and cattle are all ours. WE got 230 acre of land from the Maharashtra government for food park through an open tender. I even invited other people to join, at half the rate, but nobody came forward. I think that’s what the government and Modiji should do now –offer land to Indian enterprises with some subsidies, so that India becomes world’s largest manufacturing hub. Maharashtra gave 400 acres, Akhileshji(UP CM) is giving more than 400 acres to us in Noida, which he just got approved by the state cabinet. Tomorrow, Mamtaji will give us some land. So it’s not like we have any political barriers or obligations.

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