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Posture of sleep reveals your personality

Today:-Just observe your posture of sleep and you can know lot of things about yourself. Posture of sleep not only revels your personality, it also shows how you are going to handle a adverse situation.

If someone puts his hand on his stomach while sleeping, it shows that this person loves to live in an imaginary word. This type of persons is ambitious and can enjoy in any situation.

If someone bends his body while sleeping, it indicates that this person love to relax. He wants happiness and pleasure in life. This type of persons does not have self confidence and they are likely to have introvert personality. They feel hesitation in expressing themselves. They normally feel fear and anxiety.

If you do not sleep flat and sleep right or left side it means, you are excessively worried about someone or you think too much about something.

Some persons put their one leg on another leg; it shows that these persons care for others. They never want to hurt others and always want to make everyone happy.

Some persons puts their stomach downward while sleeping, it indicates a tendency to escape from responsibilities and troubles. This type of persons normally can’t handle adverse situation and get panic.
By: Shailesh Srivastava

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