Pradhan takes office at Ministry of Skill Development

Pradhan takes office at Ministry of Skill Development


Today:- Sep- Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan today took charge of the office at at Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, to bring scale and speed to India’s Skill Mission .
Speaking to the media persons, Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship DharmendraPradhan, said, “I am extremely humbled that the Prime Minister has given me this responsibility to steer India’s Skill Mission and we will ensure that we deliver on his expectations. He has a vision that we create a new environment of creating dignified job opportunity for the youth. This is a policy driven ministry and in the last three years we have been able to lay down the foundation for skill development in the country. We will now work towards bringing scale and speed to this programme by bringing in convergence and coordination with our States, Departments, Private Institutions and other existing skill programs.”

“It is a great responsibility more than a challenge and we will work for filling the need gaps and work towards ensuring the youth of a brighter future. We will explore all possible grid system, information systems, technology advent that the country is witnessing, conventional jobs and new age skills to enable a more efficient outcome of our programs and schemes in skills.”
Pradhan also added that job growth is an aspiration for any government. “This ministry has been doing good job and we will be giving it a major push to fulfil the objectives. Every month, there are more than 10 lakh youth joining the job market. Our primary objective will be to create grid across sectors, States and the aspiration of the youth and ensure all the requirements are well addressed,” he further added.
By Teennews1 News Desk