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Raid On Our Piggy Bank……

Shocked to hear?? Yes our piggy banks are being raid…
Parents generally take money from their kid’s piggy bank when they are in crisis. There were many different perceptions of parents doing it. Some say, they do this when they fall short of cash for paying the bills, some for vacation purpose, some for buying them a birthday present and some said they use it during the medical crisis purpose.
Almost half of parents do this and they have admitted too. Some parents say that they refill the piggy bank without fail. Raiding the piggy bank without discussion also sends the signal that money is not something to talk about at home—which is an antiquated notion.
If parents need money from our savings, they should ask us first……….. If we say no, then it’s off limits.
This practice may somehow breed mistrust and misunderstanding between us and parents. Privacy is always a major concern for people of all ages may be kids, adults and grownups. This activity may develop a feeling of insecurity.
By: S. Noor (translated by Namrata Sharma)

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