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Randhir Kapoor reveals on Indian Idol 10 about pet names of Kapoor family

Today:- Dec – Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor shares a beautiful video message for Randhir Kapoor on Indian Idol 10. Karishma kapoor said, “My Father is really positive person and he has taught us to be positive and humble always. He really loves his all children and comes to meet my children everyday.”

Kareena Kapoor also shares an emotional message saying, “My father is more than a friend to me, he has always supported me in each and every situation.”

After watching the message Randhir Kapoor reveals that he loves his grandchildren more than his children.

When Maniesh Paul asked Randhir Ji about pet names in Kapoor family like Dabbo, Chintu, Lolo and Bebo. Randhir Kapoor revealed that, “My grandfather named me dabbo as I when I was born, I was very fair. But other names in my family like ‘Chintu for Rishi Kapoor, lolo for Karishma and Bebo’ for Kareena are the names given by me actually. Now we have realized that it the names should be according to the personality, And have stopped giving names because of which Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t have any other name.”

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