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Rapid growing, near vision problem in teenagers…….!!!

Rahul a minor boy was just 13 years old when he went for an eye test, doctor prescribed him specks.

His vision was weakening day by day. Initially the lens was not that thick but gradually it went on thickening.Not only Rahul, there are many kids like him who face such problems. Somewhere or the other parents are to be blamed for this. Kids are too small to know what is good and bad for them. At such tender age parents should stop them from spending much time in television,mobile,laptops and desktops etc……….
Near vision problem is becoming a big time problem all over the world.

In Europe and America it has gone upto 30-40% where as in Asian countries it has hyped to 90% of people in spectacles and face this near vision problem.

Neena Jackobson from Glostrop University in Copenhagen has quoted that it is not just due to mobile, television or any kind of health issue. Many researchers also claimed that it may be due to certain changes in the climatic circumstances.

It’s our perception that too much of involvement in books are also the reason behind this vision problem……………but researchers have proved that generally it is not that effective.

A research done on students in Ohio claims that there is no link between studious child and vision problem. Researches done in Europe, Australia and Asia it has been said that those who generally love to remain outdoor and spend time with open air………are likely to have better visions.

They have even stated that if somebody has vision problem should definitely go for specks………if avoided that may lead to severe trouble.

It’s our parent’s responsibility to take us for an eye check up frequently and play a vital role in reducing this problem.

By:- S. Noor and Namrata Sharma (Teennews1 Network Team)

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