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Ravish reports to sets before time

Today :- Jan – For Ravish Desai, shooting Satrangi Sasural for the past few days has been an emotionally draining experience. The actor, who plays the protagonist Vihaan in the show, is shown to be under a spell and he has been modulating his voice for the same. Ravish says, “Vihaan gets angry, cries, becomes helpless and then lovable, all within seconds, So, I had to bring out the emotions in such a way that it looks real on the screen.”We hear he’s been coming early on the sets to rehearse his part. “TV is a very dynamic medium and the screenplay comes in at the last minute. I get only one take and I don’t want to mess it up, he says. Recalling the first day he shot for the track, Ravish says, “It was an eight-minute scene. By the time I gave all my close-ups, it was quite late in the night. I used to be emotionally drained in the beginning, but it’s fine now”
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