Retired reappointed, youth jobless in Odisha

Retired reappointed, youth jobless in Odisha


Today:- Sep – Government records show hundreds of employees — from senior bureaucrats to drivers and sweepers — getting inexplicable extension despite the state groaning under high unemployment.
“This is simply baffling. I am yet to understand why retired people are being reappointed when hundreds of thousands of educated youth are desperately waiting for jobs,” said Biswajit Mohanty, a former member of the India chapter of Transparency International.
Unemployment, for that matter, has swelled into a gigantic problem in a state where industrialisation is said to be tardy.
Two years ago, the government of chief minister Naveen Patnaik told the assembly that 10.95 lakh youth had registered themselves with various employment exchanges seeking jobs; 10.42 lakh of them were educated.
The government, however, continues to put its faith on superannuated employees. Though there is no comprehensive database on the number of people it hired after their retirement, documents obtained through RTI hint that the number could run into hundreds.
“This government, since the beginning, has been heavily tilted towards bureaucracy and wants to keep them in good humour irrespective of their performance,” said RTI activist Pradip Pradhan, who has been filing applications to get details of post-retirement employment of government servants.

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