Rudy to lay foundation of Global Skill Park in Bhopal tomorrow

Rudy to lay foundation of Global Skill Park in Bhopal tomorrow


Today:- July – A Global Skill Park would soon be established in Bhopal and the foundation stone for this would be laid on July 3 by Union Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

Former cricketer K Srikanth, Singapore Embassy’s Councellor Ajit Singh, former Indian Cricket Player and Uttar Pradesh’s Minister of State for Skill Development (Independent Charge) Chetan Chouhna and others would remain present at the foundation laying ceremony.

Minister of State for Skill Development Deepak Joshi, while talking to media persons said that the park being established with the support of Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education and Education Services (ITEES) with an estimated cost of Rs645 crore.

He informed that under this Park, the Government would prepare skilled lot of youths who could get jobs in private companies as per their requirements.

Besides, the youths would also be able to get employment in foreign countries.

Principal Secretary Snehlata Shrivatava, who was also present on the occasion, informed that her department has prepared a database of the job requirements in foreign countries and the major companies requirements of skilled employees.

On this basis, the youths would be given training by preparing special courses, she added.

At the Park, being developed on 37 acre of land in Narela Shankari area of Bhopal, around 10,000 students per year would get special training by World renowned experts in different faculties.

Regarding admission in the Skill Park, Shrivastava informed that during routine process of admission, the first priority would be given to the Skill Park and then the it is of different categories would be filled.


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