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Sachin Lends His Voice For Swachh Bharat

Today:-The God of Cricket is known for smashing the bowlers out of the park, but in his second innings he has startled all his fans.
The tiny, cutie pie faced Tendulkar, who was considered introvert and loved to talk with his bat has suddenly emerged as an extrovert social Demi-God. In a year and a half he has discussed and fought for Sportspersons like Sarita Devi, joined Swach Bharat mission, worked on his mission for toilets.
Sachin has all the time in the world to make a change and the latest one is lending his voice for Swach Bharat mission. He looked excited and pumped up while singing.
Just a few days before Suresh Raina also lend his voice for the song “Tu mila sab mila” from the movie “Meerutiya Gangsters”.

By: Abhilash Srivastava

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