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Low I Q Level….? No Problem

Today:- Sad….?…. People call you duffer….they say, you don’t have sense of humour ……they comment on your low level of IQ……Don’t worry and don’t be sad . There is a very easy way to be intelligent and witty. Yes, you have to do nothing only to eat fresh food and juicy fruits . You know, why you are so much confused because you eat too much processed food so say goodbye to your jungfood and enjoy your presence of mind.

In today’s generation children are spoiling their eating habit which affect on their health and IQ as well. Whosoever children are addicted to have jungfood they feel laziness and they get fatty also they are not able to use sense of humour properly .
Children who eat fast food their IQ level is bit weak than those students who love to have fresh fruits or vegetables.
Sometimes parents do complaints regarding children’s eating habit and this is the truth that jungfood impacts on children’s behaviour and mood. So children should eat those healthy food which helps to develop their mind and memory power. Every kid follows his/her parents so it is mandatory that parents should improve their habit first. If they provide jungfood one day in a week then rest of the days they should provide healthy food.

Children’s menu should be following:-

. There is 80% water in mind so student’s water tank should be filled more.
. People got mentally confused by eating processed food, they should eat pearl millet, wheat, Ragi etc..
. Wet almonds, gooseberry, iodine, fiber and colorful fruits and vegetables should eat and it increases vitamin E also.
. Food should make in olive oil, groundnut oil or mustard oil for kids.
.Mother feeding is the strongest part for new born baby till the age of 1 year.
. Interesting food by look is best for children but for this mother should be innovative in cooking.
By: Shahina Noor-Translation- Jasleen Kaur

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