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Say Goodbye To Your Worries And Headache……

Today:- Tension and more tension are becoming the only friend of today’s generation. Tension! Yes, it is the only reason why most of the youngsters suffer from severe headaches, which further is becoming the biggest problem for them. Every second youngster has tension about some or the other thing. Someone is tensed about their education or job or career and someone face problems in relationship.

Among all these tensions, there is another tension of Headache. Migraine and headache are the two monsters under which 22 percent of youngsters are apprehended. Today’s youth assumes headache as a minor problem and has learned to bear the pain. As the result, these youngsters are affected by diseases which they never thought of.
Let’s see what actually a migraine is.
Migraine usually can start at any age. Due to imbalances in brain chemicals called Neurotransmitters, migraine is likely.

The symptoms are:

Sever pain in half or full head, vomiting, emergence of red-yellow stars like shapes in front of eyes. The biggest problem faced with this disease is not able to work effectively.
The most common type of migraine among teenagers is Child Migraine which mostly affects the children. Mostly, kids skip their morning breakfast and go school empty stomach, causing headache, nausea and dizziness. But sometimes it happens that the condition of the child is due to migraine. Typically it is found that the school child suffers migraine due to pressure of homework. Also with sitting in front of the television for a prolonged time, not exercising, taking less sleep are some reasons why kids suffer from this disease. But parents can prevent their kids from this disease.

Type A Headache-

Tension type headache is a common illness like Migraine which causes due to imbalances in the brain chemicals. There is no proper treatment for migraine. In this headache the entire portion of the head hurts. The pain vanishes automatically. The patient doesn’t find it difficult to work. The patient loses appetite.
The growing problem of headache can be controlled with regular exercise. Take enough sleep, atleast 8 hours sleep is necessary. Spend less time watching television and computer. Pay special to your eating habits to get relief from this disease without medications.
By: S.Noor- Translation – Jasleen Kaur

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