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Say No No To Night Life ……

Today:- Nowadays teens don’t sleep at all. They just enjoy night life , talking with friends or chatting on line with someone. But they don’t know due to this life style they may be the patient of Apnea. Who have sleep Apnea problem , those teenagers are getting very weak by health and they are facing many diseases.one-in-7-people-are-affected-by-sleep-drunkenness-disorder
This condition can occur at any age, the risk increases as you get older. About half of the people who have sleep Apnea also have high blood pressure etc. and risk factor for stoke and heart failure. According to the latest research by American Sleep Foundation, around 8 to 9 hours sleep are needful for school students. But the problem is that most of the countries including India student are not able to take proper sleep and they have sleep Apnea.
Taking sleep is important for everyone but this is good for children’s growing health and memory, and also help to digest food for kids. During sleep , liver and kidney fights with injurious things for body and put things in order. If children will take sound and full sleep then their body parts will work in a strict sense. This is very quite easy for parents of their kids daily routine but when kids turn into teenage then there are so many things can change in their sleeping routine , then its very rigid to change their child’s sleeping pattern.
Late night chatter addition on mobile-internet with friends reduce the sleeping parts.
-Signs and Symptoms:-
Morning headache
Morning or learning problems and not being able to concentrate. Feeling irritable, depressed or having mood swings or personality changes
Waking up frequently to urinate .
Dry mouth or sore throat when you wake up.
Parents should change the children’s habit.
To improve children’s sleeping pattern first dinner should be done on time so that they can sleep early , T.V. should be turn off on time and all members of the family has to follow this routine and also an obligate on teenager’s internet and mobile. If children wants to awake late night then only give permission on weekends and also tell them to sleep early on Sunday.
By: Shahina Noor- Reporter-Translation – Jasleen Kaur

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