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Scent For Dearly Departed…..

Today:- Are you missing someone who has gone far ..rrrr…… away from you…? What are you missing most….his smell..? But suppose months ago your loved one has gone hundred miles far away from you and still you smell him or her around you ,how will you feel..?Amazing, miraculous, and more than no feeling of being separate .
Yes, someone separates from you , the first thing you miss in particular is the smell of a person. So, a French company has come up with a novel way to keep people close to their departed loved ones bottling their unique scent as a perfume.
Scientist has long known that smells are linked to the part of the brain that regulate emotions and memories and have the ability to propel you back to a specific time , place or person.
The retail industry often takes advantage of this powerful psychological power, using various adours in stores , cars or restaurants to lure customers.
The idea came to Katia Apalategui seven years ago as she struggled to come to terms with her father’s death missing everything down to the way he smelled. Her mother was not ready to wash the pillow cover as husbands unique smell was preserved there. This inspired the 52 years old insurance sales woman to think up ways to capture and preserve a person’s individual scent so people in her position would never have a long for a whiff of their loved one again.
Havre University has developed a technique to reproduce the human smell. “We take a person’s clothing and extract the odour –which represents about hundreds molecules –and and we reconstruct it in the form of perfume four days,”explained university’s Geraldine Savary , without giving away secrets of the process.
By: Tanya Kabeer – Reporter(Teennews1 Network Team

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