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Now Ready To Detect Cancer Online

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Today:- Cancer, still undisputed threat who still has the upper hand on human kind is challenged by American Scientists.
They have developed an online tool that will help to differentiate the defects in individual tumor cells that appear to be similar.
Michael Schatz,associate Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York said,” You may think that every cell in a tumor would be the same, but that is actually not the case,”
He also said “”We are realising that there can be a lot of changes inside even a single tumour, if you are going to treat cancer, you need to diagnose exactly what subclass of cancer you have,”
The online software is called Gingko. Its job is to automatically process sequence data, maps the sequence to a reference genome, and CNV profile for every cell that can be viewed with user friendly graphical user interface.
By: Abhilash Srivastva

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