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Script is the hero in ‘Mona_Darling’: Anshuman Jha

Today:- Mumbai, Sep – Actor Anshuman Jha, who has worked in films like “Love Sex Aur Dhoka” and “Chauranga”, says the script of his upcoming film “Mona_Darling” is the hero.

The 31-year-old actor will be seen playing a 21-year-old, anti-social computer geek in Shashi Sudigala’s directorial that is a horror-thriller film.

“Shashi (Sudigala) pitched this character to me as a 20-year-old I.T. student who is a cross between Sheldon Cooper and Sherlock Holmes in a whodunit script. As an actor, it’s a challenge I was looking forward to because it’s a detailed character and a fleshed-out screenplay. The script is the hero here,” Anshuman said in a statement.

The actor says he “instinctively wanted to be part of this whodunit supernatural thriller”.

The film, which also stars Divya Menon, will release in 2017.


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