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Selfie Mania…!!!

Wherever teens are, new hobbies also co-exist Sometime tattoo, sometimes hair coloring, sometime navel ring to one ear cuff (Jhumka)……now they are crazy for cello-tape selfie. It’s viral in teen’s smart phone, face book account too.
Being famous in seconds:
Do you know how it is started…………….??? During a heavy lecture students get bored.
Few Students took selfie with cello-tapes. They often stick it on their face in a very bad and awkward way. Sometimes they put it on facebook wall to get likes within seconds. They find it trendy and attractive.

Tonic for boredom:

For late riser youngster sellotape selfi is like a tonic. Actually after seeing this awful and filthy sellotape selfi teens get disturbed and stunned. Their boredom vanished at once.

Guts to accept awfulness:

Now teenager have guts to accept a awful looks.
That’s why they are taking most awful & disgusting selfi of theirs. To make fun of their selfi, teens are uploading those selfies on their face book page. In a second it becomes viral & they get lots of likes in a blink of an eye.

Selfie can be risky:
Selfie is not safe for every moment. Last year on 7 January 2015 a group of youngster met with death due to selfi craze. They went in water to take group selfi but a heavy flow of water swept them away. So be alert while taking selfie.

Little limitation on everything is good. When any things goes on too much that may turn out to be risky…….take care friends!!!

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