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Sexpot Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green on the verge of splitting, Divorce filed

Today:- Vivacious Megan Fox, the Transformers lady, much known for her sensual, sultry looks finally is on the verge of ending her relationship with Brian Austin Green.
Grapevine suggests that Brian wanted Megan to focus on family rather than juicy role in the movie, which spilled differences between them.
Megan Fox has filed the divorce papers and putting her foot hard for the custody of her two kids, Noah, 2 years old and Bodhi who is just 18 months.
According to the tabloid, they started dating way back in 2004, when she was just 17, but it wasn’t all fairies instead it was like a roller coaster ride because rumors spread about their break up in 2005.
But, Megan and Brian reconciled and married in 2010, but for the viewers Brian is 13 years older than Megan, and wanted to settle down with the family, but Megan ambitious nature came in between. Right or wrong hard to say.
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