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Shilpa Shetty lost the bet as she could not fight with Raj

Today:- Jan – It’s good to keep the child alive in you as it helps you stay happy and our Super Dancer judges are doing exactly this on the show. The judges have been busy screening talents across the country and it can get tedious after a point. To keep the spirits high, Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu will be seen playing Truth and Dare game but with a twist. The judges will be seen indulging in a fun game where they have to guess if the next contestant will be a girl or a boy. The judge who loses will have to select Truth or Dare.

While playing Shilpa Shetty lost the game and as a penalty Anurag dared her to call Raj Kundra and fight with him. While trying to contact her husband, Shilpa mentioned that her son, manager and maid are on the speed dial but Raj is not on speed dial. Though she tried to fight with him over the phone, she lost the dare as she was unable to fight with Raj.

A source from the set revealed, ‘Raj joked that every time a girl is around him Shilpa coincidently ends up calling him at the same time. Shilpa tried to fight and questioned him where he was the previous night, but then he replied he had gone for movie along with Shilpa’s mother. After his response she could not fight and lost the dare.”

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