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Short film dedicated to Indian Army

Today:- Mumbai, March – A short film titled “Chicken Biryani”, dedicated to the Indian Army, is set to release soon.

Its director Lom Harsh said in a statement: “‘Chicken Biryani’ is a satirical take on the facilities available to our beloved jawans (soldiers) who work day and night to make sure that we get to sleep peacefully at night.”

The makers of the short film, starring Gavie Chahal, unveiled its trailer on YouTube and Facebook on March 4. It has garnered two lakh views on YouTube and Facebook combined.

The trailer opens with a scene at the Indian border where a soldier of the Indian Army has a Pakistani soldier as his captive.

Produced by Sandeep Chaudhary, under the banner of DLB films, “Chicken Biryani” also stars Arpit Sharma, Gourav Jangid and Sadanand Sharma.

It is a precursor to the upcoming movie “Yeh Hai India”, which also stars Gavie, and has been directed by Lom Harsh.

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