Simon Cowell making real life crime TV series

Simon Cowell making real life crime TV series


Today:- London, June – TV mogul Simon Cowell’s Syco production company has teamed up with former policeman and reporter Mark Williams-Thomas — the man who exposed Jimmy Savile as a serial sex abuser — for a real life crime TV series.

The upcoming four-part series, “The Investigator: A British Crime Story”, which airs next month, will re-examine the killing of Carole Packman who disappeared in 1985, reports

Her body has never been found though her husband Russell got life imprisonment in 2004 for her murder.

Cowell feels real life crime is an area where big TV ratings are possible.

“He was introduced to Mark last year and they hit it off. They talked and worked on some ideas. This is the first to make it to the screen and could be the first of many. Simon is excited,” a source close to Cowell said.



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