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Six sentenced to death for two kids’ murders

Today:- Dhaka, Nov- Six people were sentenced to death on Sunday over murders of two children in Bangladesh.

A court in Sylhet city sentenced four men to death by hanging over brutal murder of Samiul Alam Rajon, 13, with metal bars in July this year, Xinhua news agency reported.

Rajon’s murder was captured in a 28-minute video which showed the attackers ordering the boy to drink his own sweat when he asked for water. They forced the boy to confess his involvement in a theft.

Rajon was accused of stealing a bicycle although his family claimed his innocence.

The attackers continued to beat the boy though he cried saying repeatedly “I will die if you beat this way”.

A court in Khulna sentenced two people to death for the murder of Rakib Hawlader, 12.

Hawlader died from his injuries on August 3.

Accused Omar Sharif and Mintu Mia tortured Hawlader as he quit his job at their garage to work for another


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