Skill India-Empowering the youths

Skill India-Empowering the youths


Today:- Jan – One of the prominent focuses of the BJP government has been enhancement of skills in the youth of this country. Mission Skill India targets to provide skill development program for above 500 million youth by the year 2022. On Feb 2017, Finance minister Arun Jaitley announced a Rs 4,000 crore program, Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion Program(SANKALP), that aimed at providing market relevant training to 3.5 crore youth across the country. Besides SANKALP, Jaitley talked about another program ‘skill strengthening for industrial value enhanceent’ (STRIVE) that has a budget of 2,200 Cr. While presenting the budget for 2017-18 Jaitley said that “energising youth through education, skills and jobs” is one of the main focus areas of the government. A budget of about 17,000Cr has been aside for the Skill India Mission, which includes employment to the youth, skill development and providing livelihood to the millions of youth who enter the work force every year.
The most denied section of the country is the rural section. The BJP Government has taken many initiatives to identify and attack the major problem of unemployment that looms over in these areas. The government has launched 15 International Skill centers all over the country in 2016 and is planning to extend the Pradhan Mantri Kushal Kendras to a leaping number of 600 districts from the present 60. Moreover, a special scheme for increasing employment in leather, footwear and textiles is launched, that will increase the work force from 30-35 million to 60-62 million by 2022. Ministry of rural development has allocated Rs. 1500 Cr from the budget for the flagship project NRLM that will train the unemployed youth below the poverty line in various skills.

Although the government has allocated huge amount of money for the skill development initiatives all over the country, there still looms a widespread concern among the industry that these efforts might not be sufficient enough to curb the rising unemployment and skill scarcity in the upcoming future. The main opportunity for India lies in skilling the youth of this country. Therefore, there should be a proper monitoring system within the government that will align the efforts of the government with the industry, hence enabling a successful implementation of the development programs by the government and getting skilled manpower by 2022.

PM Modi’s vision of a skilled India has influenced many people to come forward and has provided them with a ray of hope. As PM Modi says, skill development in India should envision the “Creation of an ecosystem of empowerment by skilling on a large scale at speed with high standards and promote a culture of innovation based entrepreneurship generating wealth and employment and ensuring sustainable livelihoods for all.”
Sanchali sarkar