Teenage boy and teenage girl flirting in classroom

Today:- Nowadays college girls have become very matured… they are so independent and updated with the world that they cannot rely on anybody just like that. Not only girls but their parents are also becoming very smart in matters like these.
Parents don’t bother whether their daughter is hanging out with male friends or not, its because parents are very confident about their daughter’s choice and that they would not choose a wrong guy for their company. Parents think that their daughters are matured enough to understand what is right and wrong for them and that they can protect themselves from the bad guys. The reason behind the trust of parents on their daughters are based on reality ground.
According to a survey Indian girls cannot be wooed by the boys easily. Indian girls have specially become more matured, clever and smart.
Indian girls prefer those boys who are techno friendly. They assume their partners ability by their skills of using gadgets. They guess that he must be modern if he is well aware and comfortable with the latest technologies and hence girls think that he is not a backward and orthodox kind of person.
If you want to define Indian girls choices, then to sum it up we can say that Indian girls like “geek” boys who will full fill all their demands online without saying a “no”.
Whether you believe it or not, Indian girls notice and observe every minor detail in the boys. They also judge them by their dressing style. From top to bottom girls just scan the guy, be it their shoes or hairstyle. Girls are very particular about boys shoes, not only they want a smart guy but he also should be soft spoken and clear with his words while communicating.
When Indian girls choose their boyfriends, they never ignore the personality of the guy, If some boy is physically fit and has attractive personality then it means that the girl is impressed.
After finding all the qualities in a boy, the girls don’t consider them as their boy friend until an unless she is completely sure that the boy loves her immensely.
In one sentence, you can say that girls like boys who are physically fit, smart, intelligent and who loves them a lot.
By: Shahina Noor ( Reporter)