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Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises Miley Cyrus — Hope For Reconciliation With Patrick?


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Arnold Schwarzenegger67, is the first to say that Miley Cyrus, 22, is a “fantastic person.” Even though things didn’t end well between Miley and Arnold’s son Patrick Schwarzeneggar, 21, Arnie couldn’t help but gush about the singer in a new interview! In fact, he reflected on the “great relationship” Patrick had with her.

Louisiana’s Jindal joins crowded 2016 presidential race………..


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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal joined the 2016 U.S. presidential race on Wednesday, starting dead last among a very crowded field of hopeful Republican candidates in at least one poll.”I am tanned, rested and ready for this fight,” Jindal said during a campaign launch event held in a suburb of New Orleans, promising supporters he would “rock the boat.”


1 billion windows and 10 PCs by 2017…………


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Microsoft has an ambitious goal for Windows 10: The company believes that it can install Windows 10 in 1 billion devices by 2017.

It sounds insane. But a study of IT professionals released Wednesday suggests that Microsoft should be able to hit that target with ease.


Elizabeth II leaves the palace…………


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Royal officials say Queen Elizabeth II may have to move out of Buckingham Palace during much-needed renovations to the residence, which has not been redecorated since she took the throne in 1952.Officials say the palace needs an estimated 150 million pounds of upgrades, including replacing old plumbing and wiring and removing asbestos.


Queen Elizabeth II attends the Royal Maundy Service………


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Queen Elizabeth II attended the royal Maundy Service at Sheffield Cathedral. She was beautifully dressed in a dress with blue and black combination. People gathered all over to take a glimpse of her.

Weird Hollywood Wedding……….


topic 52 weird wedding


Victoria and David Beckham got married the royal way. Victoria wore an 18 carat gold crown filled with diamonds. The aisle was filled with flower and when they had said their vows a white dove was released.



Megan Fox has clubbed thumb…………

topic 50 megan fox


Megan Fox has spent the majority of her time on screen as an absolute unattainable beauty. But even she doesn’t have it “perfect” in the physical department; the actress has a clubbed thumb.


Heidi Klum Stunned…………


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Heidi Klum was stunned by incredible 11 years old opera singer, ArielleBaril. She gave us the entire feel as soon as she opened her mouth and belted out the performance of a lifetime on week five of America’s Got Talent.Audience were  stunned.


Battle of Sisters…………

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Kylie Jenner, may just be 17 years old, but she’s also grabbing the same attention as her famous sister Kim Kardashian who is 34. While Kylie takes more and more after Kim each day, it’s becoming apparent that the sisters are battling for who rocked the sexy cleavage look best. While Kylie has certainly been looking smoking hot, we have to remember Kim is the queen of having no shame about showing off her cleavage. In fact, she practically invented it.



Hotness head to toe…………


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There’s no doubt about it, Kylie Jenner looks hot all the time. Whether it’s shopping, lunch or just getting started in the morning she is always dressed sexy from head to toe. It is totally normal for or Kylie to rock a crop top or skintight dress just for daily outings. Only at the age of 17 she has grabbed lot of popularity.




Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting their second child…………..


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Kim and Kanye are expecting a second child. We have been anxiously awaiting the big gender reveal of baby no.2. It is a baby boy and on the occasion of father’s day she addresses a message to west saying “You are such a good daddy to north and you will be the best daddy to our new son too.”




Michelle Obama-Oops!! Moment………


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Michelle Obama gracefully escaped a wardrobe malfunction while stepping off a plane in Venice. She caught her dress right in time as it blew off her knees. She anyhow managed this mishap. We must say that she nearly impressed all by her witty action.

By:-Namrta Sharma(Sub-Editor)Teen News1.Network Team.

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